Jun 062014

world_of_warcraft_yaicon_pack_by_alucryd-d4w9zy2Every time a new MMO title comes out that has any kind of hype people start to question if it will dethrone the MMO titan World of Warcraft. Nothing has succeeded. In fact I don’t think any title out there will achieve the following and player base that WoW has held over the past 10 years. The elusive “WoW-killer” doesn’t exist; but that doesn’t mean that something will bring the behemoth down. Blizzard Entertainment will be the reason for the toppling of World of Warcraft. I know there are literally thousands out there that will agree with me.

In fact I’ve begun to wonder if Blizzard has just stopped caring about keeping players in the game. In the current expansion the players were given the final content patch of the expansion close to 6 months ago (give or take). The next expansion, Warlords of Draenor, doesn’t seem to be releasing until this Fall (some say November). It’s going to be close to a full year between new content. I know patch 6.0 will bring some changes to the game in preparation for WoD but I doubt we will see enough content to bring players back.

A few months ago WoW subscriptions dropped another 400k+ and a couple of my friends were among those that let their subscriptions lapse. I honestly don’t blame them. Why continue to pay $15 a month to do nothing. Raids are difficult to find if you don’t want to use the dungeon/raid finder tools so that leaves you with just dailies and leveling alts; which might work for some folks (including myself, a great way to wind the day down), but for others its not enough. If Blizzard did care about maintaining the WoW player base I think there would be more proactive efforts to keep people around. If Blizzard thinks that the coming expansion will be so epic it will draw hundreds of thousands of players back, someone has some epic delusions of grandeur. If I’m wrong then Blizzard will hold another accolade of the largest subscription comeback in the history of MMOs.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t even pre-ordered the expansion yet. I think we will get it eventually but since things are just entering Alpha we are probably going to give it a few more weeks (or months) to make the purchase. It might actually depend on what all of our friends plan on doing. Honestly I do hope that everyone comes back and perhaps we can “get the band back together”.


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  1. I’m back online anth xD I’ll play with you!

  2. As much as I love the WoWverse, i dont see myself continuing on in this expansion. For me, the quality of content just isnt there anymore. Comparing Cata and Mop to previous expansion, there was just nothing to do or see. In Cata and Mop I was able to lvl thru with in a week or 2 on my main. With BC and Wrath, i spent months taking my time leveling thru the zones, with plenty of eye candy to see and explore. My take on WoW is no that all they want to you to do is get to endgame, and to me endgame is just that “End Game.” But who knows, maybe even with a November release it will be on sale for 10$ at christmas, then maybe ill get it. 🙂 But of all the MMO’s ive been in, i honestly miss playing the NI crowd the most.

  3. Tiff and I just started playing Wildstar so far its fun I miss all of you guys though

  4. Yeah, I agree that Blizzard really seems to be killing off WoW. I haven’t had an active account in almost a year. And I don’t really know what I would have done with the same raid for almost a full year. The expansion really needed to come out in April/May of this year… not thanksgiving/christmas time-frame.

    I have tried a few different MMO’s since I quit WoW, mostly FFXIV and revisiting some older stuff… So far nothing has really grabbed my attention long term. Wildstar so far has been good. But we will see after I get to 50. I am honestly not all that interested in the next WoW expansion, I will likely get it but I doubt I will play long term.

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