Top 5 Batman PortrayalsI’m trying out a new kind of themed post. I thought I would do a “Top 5” post every month. I’m supposed to publish it on the 5th of every month (because “top 5”) but I already forgot so I’m not off to a great start. These posts will pull from a range of categories. It could be anything from movies, video games, books, technology, geek culture, etc. It will never involve Earth politics or Earth religion. Also, they are strictly my opinion so I’m sure some posts will step on a few toes from time to time. In fact, the first one will surely ruffle some feathers (or wings). The top 5 Batman portrayals. Here they are, in descending order.

  1. Michael Keaton – The first film Batman I was ever exposed to
  2. Christian Bale – I love the Dark Knight trilogy
  3. Adam West – How could you NOT love Adam West (nobody messes with Adam We)
  4. Will Arnett – LEGO Batman was one of the best parts of the LEGO movies
  5. BatDad – If you haven’t watched his Facebook videos, you are missing out

Yes, I chose a LEGO batman and a dude that runs around in a mask making funny Facebook videos with his kids, over any of the remaining Batman actors. George Clooney was boring. Watching paint dry is more entertaining than a Clooney batman. It doesn’t help that I’ve never been a big George Clooney fan. Val Kilmer just looked like he needed to poop throughout the whole film. Then there is Ben Affleck. He was just awful. The kind of batman I want to forget existed. Although, to be fair, Batfleck didn’t ruin Batman vs Superman for me.

I will reserve judgement for the next actor. However, I’m not entirely hopeful for a Robert Pattinson Batman either.

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