Oct 182011

I swear not a week goes by when some celebrity gets it into their tiny mind that the world apparently needs to hear their latest opinion or political theory. It’s so aggregating!

You are paid to act or sing, that’s it!

I’m not saying celebrities are not allowed to have opinions or political theories, I just don’t want to hear you force it on us during film festivals, talk show interviews or awards ceremonies. I use to watch the Oscars religiously but I stopped because the risk of some self-appointed political pundit spewing their opinion makes me feel physically ill.

I don’t know what pisses me off more:

  • when a celebrity I truly loath, like Susan “Die In A Fire” Sarandon, does it or
  • when it’s a celebrity whom I kind of liked (such as Hank Williams Jr)

I think it depends on how egregious the comments were. For example Susan Sarandon recently referred to the pope as a nazi. I am so angry that I have no desire to ever see another movie, tv show, awards show, interview, charity event, anything that is linked to her ever again! I do find some joy in the fact that she is catching a lot of heat for making that statement; and I would say that her comments will affect her career but … what career???

That’s the thing I don’t get. I would think that the more extreme celebrities take their nonsense the greater chance it could negatively impact their career and popularity. I think it’s fine if they want to express themselves on Facebook, or Google+ or twitter (but even on those sites you have to be careful how you phrase things). I just don’t want to turn on Fox News, or some awards show, or Jimmy Kimmel and have to listen to their dribble.

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