May 042011

Sunday night Obama interrupted regular television broadcast to announce to the nation that during a Navy Seal raid Osama Bin Laden was killed.Its an announcement the country has been waiting to hear for 10 years. There was rejoicing everywhere, it was the talk amongst friends and strangers the world over. So what does Bin Laden’s death mean to me.

I knew that there would be skeptics. “Pictures or it didn’t happen” seems to be a common phrase among just as many Americans as those celebrating his demise. Despite the White House’s persistence to claim he is actually dead many still question whether its true. Obama has already announced that no footage will be made available to the public. Osama has been buried at sea, in accordance with proper Muslim burial rituals, which apparently includes that the body must be laid to rest within 24 hours of having deceased.

I think no matter what the White House says to quell the skeptics, there will always be hundreds or thousands that will never believe it to be true. Personally the part that bothers me more isn’t the rising conspiracy about Bin Laden’s death but the fact that Obama is taking credit for it. Yes, he would have approved the raid on the Pakistan palace but the search for Bin Laden has been ongoing for 10 years. Obama has only been in power for three years. Its a political agenda for re-election because he knows he hasn’t “changed” a damn thing since he took office.

So here is what I am going to take away from this event. I believe, regardless of what the conspiracy theorists say, that justice has been served to a vicious tyrant. I also refuse to acknowledge that this is a victory of the current administration, they simply rode the coattails of the previous administration’s efforts.


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