Sep 172012

I know I am about a week late to be posting a comment on Apple’s latest announcement but I had other things I was working on and other posts I wanted to finish first. Unless you are living under a rock you should be aware now that Apple has unveiled a new iPhone, the iPhone 5, and its already available for pre-order and it will start shipping this Friday (September 21st).

The Apple-haters were quick to proclaim how anti-climatic the announcement was and that expectations were shattered and thousands were left unimpressed (by the way, the iPhone 5 has broken AT&T sales records). Personally, the announcement met all of my expectations. I wasn’t really expecting the unveiling of some new technological feat, what else could they possibly do to a phone. It will be faster, more streamlined, and the camera is vastly improved; which is pretty much what I was expecting. It was a humble upgrade for an excellent device.

If you hadn’t heard enough about what to expect in the next iteration of iPhone, here are a few of the key features I was excited to see:

  • 18% thinner, 20% lighter (constructed entirely of glass and aluminium)
  • A 5th row of icons and a 16:9 aspect ratio
  • “ultrafast wireless” with LTE; wi-fi can now receive on 802.11n band
  • A6 chip (twice as fast as the A5)
  • 1080p FaceTime, panoramic pictures at 28 megapixels
  • Cameras use Sapphire lens (?)

These are just a couple of the upgraded features in the new iPhone so its just a fundamental feature set upgrade. I won’t be rushing out to buy the iPhone 5 and not because of alleged “lack luster” features but because my 4S is only a year old and I’m too cheap to try to buy a new phone every year. I will most likely wait until the next iteration (whether that is the 5S or the iPhone 6). I will admit though, if economics weren’t a factor, I probably would have already pre-ordered one.


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