May 022013

Penguin Computing Frag PenguinIt’s been over a week since I have posted anything. Life, every now and then, throws a few extra curve balls and dealing with them has a tendency to let the normal stuff take a back seat. I wish I could say that it was just extra stressful at work, which it has been. There were several days last week when I would have rather been hospitalized with pneumonia then go into work. Yes, it was that stressful.

Then there are the non-work related stresses that I’m still dealing with; close friends and family are dealing with some issues related to various forms of lymphoma. That is scary shit! I feel like I’m not praying enough for these folks and it has been the only thing that is constantly on my mind. I also have a relative in the hospital for stent surgery and add food poisoning on top of that and yea, been a pretty crappy 10 days.

I hope to be back to posting more MMO Times and other nerd rants this week.


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