Andor Episode 4

Title: Aldhani
Director: Susanna White

There have been a few changes for Andor episode 4. As you can see this episode now has a title instead of simply “Episode 4”. The previous three episodes have also been given titles (Kassa, That Would Be Me, and Reckoning respectively). There is also a different director for this episode. Susanna White and, apparently, this is her directorial debut.

Before I dig into the episode, which will include spoilers, here are my thoughts. It’s a solid episode and I really enjoyed it. Well done for Susanna White’s first time as director. There is not much in terms of action but the dialog keeps you interested. This is one of those episodes that moves the story along and I expect that there will be several episodes like this. This is a drama series after all.

Spoiler Warning!!

The following contains spoilers for Andor s1e4

Name Drop Easter Eggs

Now we are feeling the Empire’s presence and their efforts to control the galaxy. We finally see some Stormtroopers and TIE Fighters. New Imperial characters are introduced, including Dedra Meero, played by Denise Gough.

We also finally see Mon Mothma who is obviously very paranoid, as she should be. Her life is also compounded by an apparent strained relationship with her husband. This is what happens when you bring your work home.

We do have a couple of Easter eggs this episode and I will try to surmise the purpose they serve to the story. Remember, Tony Gilroy said there will be “no fan service“. The first Easter egg is when Cassian mentions the muddy planet Mimban. I think this is to establish a timeline of events in Cassian’s past. Mimban is also the planet Han was on when he met Tobias Beckett and Chewie in the Solo movie. It’s possible they were there at the same time.

Sly Moore with Chancellor Palpatine
Sly Moore seen with Chancellor Palpatine in the Senate hall

Next is the mention of Scarif, which has an obvious connection to the greater story. Finally is the name Sly Moore. This is a much more obscure reference but an interesting one. She was Chancellor Palpatine’s aide, often seen standing or sitting beside him in the prequels. I assume now she is still serving the Emporer, perhaps to spy on Senators, like Mon Mothma. There is also a fan theory that she was once a concubine of Palpatine’s.

Theories and Predictions

I have a couple of minor theories for upcoming episodes. I suspect that Vel Sartha has some kind of familial relationship with Luthen. She is either a daughter or perhaps a sister. Their behavior toward one another, and their familiarity with each other suggests some kind of intimate relationship.

Speaking of Vel, her crew mentions Saw Gerrera, whom we know is in this series. This suggests to me that her crew is, perhaps, part of the Partisan Front (a name Cassian mentions earlier in the episode). The Partisan Front is the name given to Saw Gerrera’s group of fighters.

This next one might be kind of a reach. Lieutenant Gorn mentions an “Imperial engineer” is arriving on Aldhani. My prediction is that this engineer is Galen Erso, which is when Cassian first learns the name and who he is.

That’s all I got. What did you all think of Andor episode 4? Did you see or hear anything I didn’t mention?