Dec 172015

A Very Merry Christmas You Will HaveAs we sit on the brink of one of the most epic movie releases of the new millennium (falcon) and Christmas just around the corner I don’t know how busy things will become for me as I prepare my family for my favorite holiday. I wanted to make sure that I get a post out wishing all my family, friends and readers (the few of you there are, if any) a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEAR!If you’re Jewish then I wish you a VERY HAPPY HANUKKAH!!!

I hope Santa Yoda brings you and your families all that you desire! If you only see Star Wars once or a dozen times, please be considerate of other folks who may not have the same opportunities you have and spoil it for them. I have already heard stories of cretinous trolls posting spoilers on social media because they know some people have to check their Facebook page every 12 seconds. I’m not one of those people as I could go all day without checking any social media webpage, but I will likely be too busy over the next 10 days to pay much attention to Facebook and/or Twitter. Besides it’s not really spoilers that I’m worried about as I am about finding out how many people will have seen the movie before I do (I’m not going to have a 3-hour window available¬†between now and the weekend following Christmas). Be that as it may just show some respect for your fellow Star Wars fan! #DontBeAHomer

So with all that said, we will see you all on the other side of Christmas!


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