Oct 282016
2016 Fall Classic

The “Lets Go Cubs” (“Eamus Catuli”) sign behind right field

Ten years ago if you told me that I would be watching the Cubs in the World Series, I may not have believed you. Well the 2016 Fall Classic is here and to say I’m excited is an understatement. The really strange thing is, it’s actually kind of stressing me out. We have all been waiting our whole lives to make it to the World Series that I can’t bear the thought of losing. I am trying to talk myself off the ledge in preparation for the worst case. I almost wish they didn’t make it so I wouldn’t be feeling all this angst.

I keep telling myself that regardless of the outcome, celebrate the end of the 71 year drought. If we end the 108 year “alleged curse” then there will be a cacophony of rejoicing and thousands of grown men crying. The “Anno Catuli” sign, in right field, will finally read all zeros for the first time. Year after year the Cubs have left us all feeling disappointed. Losing this year would be the ultimate disappointment, which scares me. Will the “lovable losers” still be lovable? On the other hand, Facebook is full of wonderful and endearing stories by some of the Cubs oldest fans.

#LetsGo for Styrlund and Bell

Two of the most extraordinary stories are about two of the oldest, known Chicago Cubs fans. Raymond Styrlund is 105 years old and Mavis Bell is 107 years old. Mavis was born the year after the Cubs last won the World Series. Looking at the faces of these people and reading their stories you want the Cubs to win more for them than for yourself. Many of them are relishing that the Cubs are even in the World Series. The look of pure delight on their faces is what makes it all worth it, regardless of the outcome.

Styrlund and Bell don’t have too many more years left on this earth. Witnessing their Cubs win the World Series would be fulling a 100-year-old life ambition. As much as I would be devastated if the Cubs were to lose, I would feel more sorrow for folks like Raymond and Mavis that have, literally, waited over a century.

A Sports Story for the Ages

We have two teams with the longest World Series drought in baseball. The players of both teams are playing to erase the past. The fans of both teams are hoping to see a championship for the first time in their lives. Regardless of who you are rooting for; regardless of who wins, this is an epic event it sports history. I’m glad to be here talking about it and witnessing it. It’s a story for the ages.


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