Oct 132017

10 year wedding anniversaryFerries Bueller is right, life moves pretty fast. It’s hard to believe that this is my 10 year wedding anniversary. It has been a decade since entering into the sacrament of marriage. I think what really makes those 10 years go so fast is that I believe we have a good marriage and a healthy relationship. A relationship that started at Purdue; thus why we were married on campus with all of our Purdue friends in attendance. After all, they are the reason we were brought together.

We shared the alter with 14 other people; we had a large wedding party. Those people were important influences in our lives and it was an honor to share that moment with all of them standing beside us. The following 10 years I would move to another state and change jobs twice. Apple and Google barrel in like bulls in a china shop and knock Microsoft off their pedestal. The Chicago Cubs finally break their World Series curse. Star Wars becomes bigger than it ever was before. Social media first becomes an amazing phenomenon then a cesspool of deplorable human behavior.

I’m glad I got to share all of that with my penguin.

I Found My Penguin

According to scientific research, it is true that most penguins do mate for life. It also, just so happens, that penguins are one of my favorite animals in the animal kingdom. Isn’t that ironic. In the last 10 years I may have developed a few regrets but I do not regret standing at that alter. In the words of Lee Brice, I’m “hard to love / I don’t make it easy”. I’m stubborn, I have a bad temper and I’m a massive nerd but it’s humbling to see that none of that ever matters. It’s rare to find someone who just rolls their eyes instead of hiding their face when your nerd is showing.

Honestly, I hate clichés and there are so many clichés that describe finding your perfect partner. You’ve probably heard them all and maybe you know some I haven’t heard of. “Soul mates”, “marrying your best friend”, “finding ‘The One'” and these are all applicable, but I like “penguin”. I found my penguin. It’s simple. It’s not an overused cliché and its 100% accurate.

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