Apr 052020

Top 5 90s Comedy Movies

Comedy is probably my favorite genre of movie, and since I have so many favorite comedies I chose the top 5 90s comedy movies for the month of April. In a future Top 5 post I will post 80s comedy movies. I was born in the 80s so many of those films I couldn’t watch until it was well into the 90s. Picking a favorite comedy is tough. A couple of these on the list have sequels. Any move with a sequel is inclusive.

So here they are, in no particular order:

Again, choosing comedies from the 90s is tough. There are so many great movies. In fact there are a few honorable mentions for this Top 5 as well. Office Space definitely deserves mentioning; I’ve worked for a company that almost mimicked this film. I do love the Crocadile Dundee movies but a nice little hidden Paul Hogan gem is Lightning Jack. It’s like Crocadile Dundee in the wild west with a solid performance by Cuba Gooding Jr.

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I Have Spoken!

Mar 292020

Is anybody still out there? It’s been a fortnight since we all holed up in our homes. We are several days into our “stay at home” order. Only essential errands are allowed, however outdoor exercise is still permitted. In fact the only reason I leave the house is to go out for a run. It sucks to be stuck in the house as the temperatures start getting warmer. The funny thing is I probably still wouldn’t go anywhere even if we weren’t ordered to stay at home. Perhaps the zoo I guess. Nice weather makes running more enjoyable. We can open the windows, provided someone with the virus doesn’t walk up and sneeze through the screen. Oh, and grilling season is starting!

Going Stir Crazy?

They are not practicing proper social distancing!

I always work from home, so that doesn’t feel different. However having everyone home when I’m working is a new challenge. I’m a creature of routine and I don’t like forced changes to my routine. I have a six year old who has also been forced out of her routine, so that adds a new level of excitement. I think we’re adjusting fine.

Supposedly kids can return to school in two weeks. I’m not convinced that will actually happen. As much as I try to avoid watching the news, I have heard that the virus hasn’t peaked yet, however they are expecting it soon. I think the next two weeks might be the best indicator as to how effective the containment efforts have been. The next two weeks may also determine how much longer we can expect everything to be shut down.

In fact I still don’t know anyone, personally, that has the virus. I guess that means everyone I know is smart enough to know that this is serious. I still hear stories of people gathering at parks or friends homes. It doesn’t make sense that people still refuse to adhere to the CDC containment guidelines. Isn’t it better to err on the side of caution.

Now I know why Negan was so pissed.

Please people, be smart and stay safe.

duke-nukem-sm If zombies attack the world, everyone will run and hide. Except for us gamers, of course. We’ve been waiting for this all our lives!


Mar 202020

Odd Girl Out (Quadrail, #3)Odd Girl Out by Timothy Zahn
My rating:
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Odd Girl Out is the third book in the Quadrail series. I feel like these books are getting better as I go along. Frank seems to channel a bit more of his inner “Harry Dresden” and I’m enjoying it. This book is the half way point in the Quadrail series. Unfortunately I do not have books 4 and 5. If the right deal comes along I will pick them up but my list of books is so long right now that I should be reading what I already own.

Short Synopsis/Biggs’ Review

A mysterious woman is murdered just after an uninvited visit with Frank. Her sister is in trouble and asks for Frank’s help to protect her. Now he must return to the Quadrail, with Bayta, and travel to New Tigris to find her. The Modhri is also seeking the girl and seems hell bent on keeping Frank out of the way. Frank soon discovers there is much more to this girl than he was initially lead to believe.

As I’ve already alluded to, I really liked this book. The mysteries begin piling up as Frank discovers more about the Modhri and the Chahwyn. I think that’s what I enjoy about this book, you never know what new detail you’ll learn when you turn the page. Unlike the previous book, this one does end with a mild cliffhanger. A Chahwyn secret that leaves me extremely curious. In fact, while I didn’t rush off and buy book 4 immediately, I will be monitoring the price.

As I said in my review of Book 2 (The Third Lynx), I’m feeling more compelled to read these books again; after I finish the series of course.

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diablo3-reading“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
– Dr. Seuss


Mar 192020

We are four days into “social distancing” (if you exclude the weekend). We only go to the store if its necessary. So far the cases in the city seem to be outside our area but I don’t expect that to last very long. Thankfully none of us are showing symptoms but that doesn’t mean the stress isn’t starting to get to me. Either the stress is going to kill me or my wife will as my temper has been short and explosive lately. I don’t know if its stress from uncertainty or from the disruption in my routine. Probably both.

So far I don’t know anyone, personally, that has contracted the virus. I worry about my folks and other friends and family that fall into the “at risk” demographic. I hope that they take the necessary precautions. You don’t have to live in fear but don’t be so obtuse to confuse fear with common sense. The standard flu is absolutely no fun, and this is far worse and more contagious than the flu. Why would you be so careless?

Home Schooling and Exercising

The other challenge about this pandemic isolation is that we get to be teachers for a few weeks. I have new respect for Kindergarten teachers. They have skills for teaching kids that I will never have; like patience. I don’t know how they can convince a 5 year old to do her school work when all she wants to do is play with her toys. Granted we are only a couple days into this; I’m hoping this will get easier. I think it will get easier as a new routine develops (for the short term).

Regardless of the situation, I’m still finding time to exercise. As long as the weather is nice, and nobody in the house is symptomatic, I go for a run. This flu is only airborne up to 6 feet, and there’s no walls, door knobs or handrails on the sidewalks. As long as someone with the flu doesn’t run up and cough in my face, outdoor exercise is safe.

Outdoor, large gatherings, is NOT safe; yet some people are still doing it. If this flu turned people into zombies, this would be just like The Walking Dead. The only positive of that scenario is at least the idiots would be the first to die off. I know, at first, we all scoffed at the coronavirus, but it’s not as funny anymore. Even churches are closing and cancelling services. Its much more serious than we think and I think the mayors, governors and president are not trying to scare us; they’re trying to protect us.

Be smart and stay safe, people.

duke-nukem-sm If zombies attack the world, everyone will run and hide. Except for us gamers, of course. We’ve been waiting for this all our lives!


Mar 072020

I haven’t written an editorial post in a while. It seems fitting that the first one in a while is about age. Coincidentally this is the second age milestone post I’ve written (the first was “Turning 30“), meaning this blog is over 10 years old. In the ten years since turning 30 I now have children. Just the one! Don’t mistake my plural use as a subtle hint. I have left the company that brought me to Cincinnati and I’m now happily employed at a different company for 3 years now. We did suffer some loss; my sister-in-law Natalie and both of my dogs, Gus and Gromit. On the upside, we had five glorious new Star Wars movies! This post, however, isn’t about just the past 10 years. It’s about turning 40.

There are lots of idioms about turning 40. “Over the Hill”. “Middle age”. I’m not a fan of these. Calling someone “over the hill” because they’re turning 40 is like calling someone with dementia forgetful. Besides, these days I haven’t really been feeling like my body is declining. Sure some days my knees and my back hurt; but most days I’m still out there running 4 or more miles a day. I’m still a night owl, up past 11 every night and still functional on 6 hours of sleep.

Acting My Age

Maturity is subjective. I’m mature enough to drive a car, hold a job, pay the bills and be a parent. (Although that last one might be debatable). Be that as it may, turning 40 isn’t causing much change. I’m still an avid sci-fi and fantasy reader; in fact I primarily read non-fiction. Most fiction is rather dull. I’m still an avid video gamer. Granted I’m not playing the games kids are playing these days (ex: I’ve never touched Fortnite). In fact I’m probably playing a video game the nights that I’m up past 11pm. I suspect most people my age that grew up with Nintendo are still frequent gamers.

I still collect LEGOs. I’m going to be 40 in a few weeks and I still enjoy the construction and collection of LEGO. Granted I’m not going out and buying just any LEGO. These days I’m collecting Star Wars kits. Which is a great segue to my next point. I am an obsessed Star Wars fan. Since 8 years old I’ve loved these movies. I’m not one of those fans that are stuck in the past. The movies, shows, animated series, books, comics; I love it all.  A prequel meme best describes it: “I loved them. I loved them all. They’re all my favorites. every single one of them. And not just the original trilogy, but the prequels, and the sequels too. They’re Star Wars, and I enjoyed them like Star Wars!!

So in a couple of weeks, when I hit the big 4-0, it’s going to be just another day. I’ll still be watching Star Wars cartoons, playing video games, reading fantasy novels and telling “your mom” jokes. Personally I believe that is “acting my age”.



I could accomplish so much more if I only had minions!


Mar 052020

Top 5 Drama Movies

This month I chose the top 5 drama movies. This list is a little easier as drama isn’t really my favorite genre, but there are some great drama movies. I still chose non-franchised movies to make the list easier to filter as well as a few other parameters. The soundtrack plays a big role as well as surprise plot twists and caliber of acting.

I have a couple of honorable mentions for this category as well. The Road to Perdition starring Tom Hanks is really underrated and under appreciated; a wonderful 1930’s mob drama. The King’s Speech (another true story) with superb performances by Colin Firth (as King George VI) and Geoffrey Rush. So there you have it, my top 5 drama movies (as of March 2020).

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I Have Spoken!