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This is my World of Warcraft Mount Farming Guide for the Pandaria World bosses. There are four world bosses, each have a rare chance of dropping a mount. At the time of this writing we are in patch 8.2 of the Battle for Azeroth expansion. I play Alliance, therefore these instructions are told with Boralus as the starting point. Also at the time of this writing, I don’t have any of the mounts that drop from these bosses, I’m still actively farming each of them.

AddOns and Macros

There is only one AddOn I use, WorldBossTimers. This addon shows a countdown timer on your screen to the next time the mob spawns. It does have its draw backs. If you weren’t there when the boss spawned, it doesn’t have a timer. However, if someone else standing nearby has this addon, and they do have the current timer, they can share it with you. This isn’t a required addon, I typically use it because I often do other things while I wait for the mob to spawn and the timer, and sound effects, help me pay attention. It sucks when you miss it, the respawn timers are typically 15-20 minutes.

The only macro I use is purely informational. It tells me how many times I have killed each boss. It took several years to get the Rivendare Deathcharger mount and the Raven Lord mount and I’ve often wondered how many times I killed each boss. If you want to use this macro, here is the command text:

/run local y=0 local function z(n,i) if GetStatistic(i)~='--' then y=y+GetStatistic(i) end print(n.. GetStatistic(i))end z('Galleon=',6990);z('Sha=',6989); z('Ondasta=',8147);z('Nalak=',8146);print('Total='..y);

Pandaria World Bosses Farming Route

Starting in Boralus, take the portal to Stormwind.

Galleon – Valley of the Four Winds

Mount: Son of Galleon. Coordinates: 71, 64. Take the portal to the Jade Forrest located in the Mage Tower in Stormwind. The flight point is immediately to the left of the portal. Take a taxi to Half Hill in the Valley of the Four Winds. After arriving, fly south, just past the Silken Fields to a large brown area on the hillside. There will probably be other people waiting there, assuming he hasn’t spawned by the time you arrive. There is about a 3 second delay before his health starts dropping quickly.

Sha of Anger – Kunlai Summit

Mount: Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent. Coordinates: 54, 63). Take a taxi to One Key in Kunlai Summit. After arriving, fly just a little southwest, you should see his crumpled corpse as it usually sticks around for a while after he’s been killed. Several steam geysers will suddenly appear about 15-20 seconds before he spawns, which is your cue to get ready. He also has about a 3 second delay before he begins rapidly losing health.

Oondasta – Isle of Giants

Mount: Cobalt Primordial Direhorn. Coordinates: 50, 54. YOU CANNOT FLY TO THIS ISLAND! Well, you can try, but you will fall into the water before you reach the shore. I still suggest taking a taxi to the Isle of Giants. You also cannot fly on this island so you will have to get on a ground mount and follow the foot of the hill to the northeast until you see a path going up. Follow the path up the hill and you will see a large muddy area with dinosaur bones. Dohaman the Best Lord will be cowering in the middle, Oondasta will spawn right behind him. PLEASE NOTE: Oondasta can now be tamed by hunters and a hunter can tame him faster than he can be killed.

Nalak – Isle of Thunder

Mount: Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent. Coordinates: 49, 68. Take a taxi to Shado-pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes. After you arrive, there is a portal just a little north of the flight point that will take you to the Isle of Thunder. You cannot fly on the Isle of Thunder so you’ll be running to Nalak. You’re basically running north to The Foot of Lei Shen. Keep your eyes peeled on the sky. There is NO DELAY for this mob. Engage Nalak as soon as you see him spawn, he will die very fast!

That’s it for the Pandaria World Bosses. After Nalak you can hearth or continue further into the ruins and enter the Throne of Thunder raid. There are 2 mounts available: Spawn of Horridon and Clutch of Ji’Kun.

You will also make about 110g unless you get some gear drops, which will add to your transmog appearances and also sell for a couple gold.

Happy Hunting!

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Aug 312019

Star Wars from a Sith perspectiveMy wife is not into Star Wars; it’s essentially just myself and my daughter (for now, she’s only 5). However sometimes my wife and I have discussions about canon. It’s almost better that she doesn’t know as much as I do because she brings a new perspective. One that is less mired by 40 years of expanded universe novels and Disney influence. Therefore she is a great source of inspiration for new topics and our recent discussion was Star Wars from a Sith perspective.

This topic is the result of a longer discussion about future Star Wars Celebration events. The theme for SWC usually has some kind of movie or milestone to celebrate, hence “celebration”. The final movie in the Skywalker saga has finished filming and is now in post-production. So now what?

Where Are We Going From Here?

There are 20+ Marvel films so we know Disney doesn’t like letting go. Disney has announced a new trilogy but we won’t see the first film until 2022. This is a smart move, we don’t want Star Wars to suffer from the Marvel “super hero burnout”. However, we are getting more Star Wars in the form of live action and animated TV series.

Be that as it may, our conversation has nothing to do with anything in production or announced. Our discussion is completely hypothetical but a really cool concept.

Movie(s) From A Sith Perspective

I love the idea of a movie (or movies) told from a Sith perspective! All of the Star Wars movies are told from the protagonist perspective. However, not everyone sides with the Jedi; the Sith are equally as cool. It isn’t just the “goths” and “emos” that are drawn to the dark side, millions of fans of various personalities enjoy the Sith. The Dark Side always seems to have the cooler characters (ex: Darth Maul, Asajj Ventress, Darth Revan) and the cooler lightsabers (ex: Darth Maul, Kylo Ren, etc). So wouldn’t it be cool if Disney/Lucasfilm developed a film (or series of films) which told a story from the Dark Side?

We are told that the new series of films will take place around the time of Knights of the Old Republic. We don’t know yet if this will follow the story as told in the video game, but it certainly has all of us fans in a tizzy. These films could be told from Darth Malek’s or Kreia’s perspective, adding a more sinister and dark appeal to the films. Honestly, I don’t think this is the approach Disney, or the directors, will take. A game as popular as KotOR, you don’t want to change things up too much.

I think a movie about the rise and fall of Darth Revan would be amazing, if it’s done right. Only the future, and Disney, knows what’s in store for the franchise. In the meantime, it looks like the closest we will get to an antagonist lead is The Mandalorian, which looks incredible.


You don’t know the power of the dark side.

Aug 262019

We were expecting announcements at Disney’s D23 expo this past weekend. Disney delivered as promised. I think a lot of people were expecting more about The Rise of Skywalker. Disney did not disappoint there either, with the release of the “Special Look“. However, this post is about the official trailer for The Mandalorian series.

Check it out!

I think this is going to be an amazing debut of the first Star Wars live action series and I cannot wait. The Mandalorian comes to the Disney+ streaming service November 12th. Let another countdown begin!

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Aug 222019

In 1999 a brilliant company was formed; ThinkGeek. An online retailer that sold products catered toward the geek culture. I have more merchandise than I can recall from ThinkGeek. I’ve been a loyal patron for many years. In 2015 we were shocked to discover that ThinkGeek had been sold. For a mere $140 million ThinkGeek became the property of GameStop. Initially I was skeptical about it, and I still am (more on that later). Then, just a few months ago, the unthinkable happened.

So Long Timmy, and Thanks for All the Fish

In June of this year GameStop announced they would be shutting down the ThinkGeek online store, permanently. It was a sad day, indeed. The upside to this news is that there will still be an online ThinkGeek location, it’s just become a section of the GameStop website. I have quickly perused the new ThinkGeek section of the website and, overall, there seems to be a lot of familiar merchandise. It’s somewhat refreshing.

The bigger picture, however, is the fact that GameStop’s earnings are down. Perhaps the acquisition of ThinkGeek is supposed to help bolster their bottom line. If that does not succeed then they are going to be in some financial trouble. GameStop already has a reputation for their “pennies on the dollar” trade in program. Most people take their games there if they are desperate to get rid of them, with the knowledge that they won’t get a lot of return on their investment. If GameStop fails, then ThinkGeek goes down with the [mother]ship.

It’s A Niche Market

My biggest lamentation of losing ThinkGeek is its unique merchandise. There are very few, if any, competitors out there that sell similar merchandise. Jinx and Blizzard’s store come close but they don’t have the diversity of products ThinkGeek had. They were selling to a very specific sub-culture and, while niche markets are typically a seller’s unicorn, clearly they were still not moving product fast enough. A union with GameStop makes sense, from that perspective, because it exposes the products to a much larger audience.

So the greatest travesty would be if GameStop goes under next. ThinkGeek, and all its fantastic products, will be gone. I have not found another retailer that sells products similar in nature to the things I was buying from ThinkGeek. I honestly hope another retailer emerges or, if anyone knows one that already exists, please leave a comment. Until then I guess I will be a more frequent GameStop customer.


When I was a kid, it was a huge insult to be a geek. Now it’s a point of pride in a weird way.” – J.J. Abrams

Aug 132019

I’ve been quiet for over a month now. The reason is two fold. The first reason is I really haven’t had anything to write about. I have a post in the works but I haven’t gone back to finish it yet. The other is just a busy end to the summer. Between a tumultuous time at work and back-to-school starting, I just haven’t had the time to collect some thoughts into a cohesive and blog-worthy post.

Don’t Panic. I’m sure the creative juices will begin flowing again, especially as we draw closer to Blizzcon and the release of The Rise of Skywalker. Also, I might do more posts about obtaining rare mounts, similar to my previous post. The Lucid Nightmare might be another “guide” post I do, although I did use a lot of the suggestions I read on other rare mount guides.

There isn’t much to talk about in terms of our raiding progress through heroic Eternal Palace. We are on track and hitting the usual obstacles (i.e. DPS checks). I’m not too worried yet.

Anyhow, I’ll be back again with more things to talk about.



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Jul 122019

Crimson TidestallionI know there are several other guides and posts out there that explain how you can get the Crimson Tidestallion. However, none of those web sites explain it with my flair. Before you can do anything, you will need to free Mrrl and escort him back to your faction’s respective base. After doing so you will meet his friends Flrgrrl, Mrrglrlr, Hurlgrl and Grrmrlg. They all sell some very unique and unusual items.

Dress for the Occasion

Mrrl’s secret items can only be available if you’re wearing the right cloak. You need to get the Azsh’ari Stormsurger Cape which you can get from Benthic Cloak. Benthic Cloak’s can come from missions, a random drop or you can purchase it for 5 Prismatic Manapearls. You are not guaranteed to get the Azsh’ari Stormsurger Cape from a Benthic Cloak, it’s one of four, so that’s fun. Once you have the cape then you have to wait until Mrrl is selling the Crimson Tidestallion. WoWHead is pretty good about letting you know what secret items are available to buy. NOTE: You must be wearing the cape to see the items! So don’t sell/disenchant it until you are done with it.

The Trading Game

When the mount is available, the trading game begins. This is one of those classic scenarios where you need to buy something for someone from someone else but they want something first. The best website to help you figure out what you need to buy is to use the website (because math is hard). In order to buy the mount from Mrrl you need 4 Cultist Pinky Finger, 2 Pulsating Blood Stone and 1 Hungry Herald’s Tentacle Taco. You will spend about 1,796 gold, but that is incredibly cheap compared to the price of other mounts in the game.

Murloco Cave Location

Murloco Cave Location

The item that will prove to be the most tricky is Hungry Herald’s Tentacle Taco. Mrrl and none of his friends sell this item. You can only get this item by rescuing Murloco, which is a rare event in Nazjatar. You can click on the map on the right to enlarge to see the location of Murloco’s cave. Once he’s been rescued, you have 5 minutes to buy from him. If the event is not up on your server you can search in Custom Groups using the LFG tool, simply search for “murloco“. NOTE: Make sure you are in the cave when you join the group, he’s only active for 5 minutes.

That’s it. Once you have those 7 items, and you are wearing the cloak, you can buy the Crimson Tidestallion from Mrrl. Of all the rare mounts available in the game, this one is pretty easy to get.

duke-nukem-sm If zombies attack the world, everyone will run and hide. Except for us gamers, of course. We’ve been waiting for this all our lives!