Nov 302020

We recently received the unfortunate news that David Prowse passed away. For those Star Wars debutants, David Prowse is the man that wore the Darth Vader costume in the original trilogy. In honor of his passing let’s see how much you know about David Prowse. I’ve always had a huge appreciation for him and I’m very sad to hear about his passing. Perhaps this post will give you a greater appreciation too.

David Prowse was a bodybuilderDavid Prowse was born in Bristol, England in 1935 and he was raised by a single mother. He found a passion for bodybuilding and weight training and he eventually won the British heavyweight weightlifting title. He became a “superhero” in the UK as the Green Cross Man, a character created by the British Road Safety Committee. The Green Cross Man is an aid to teach children general road safety. His role as the Green Cross Man ultimately earned him the MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire).

From Superman to Star Wars

About David ProwseSince David was a real life “superhero” he is obviously qualified to train a superhero. His passion for fitness lead to a career in training actors for films, including Christopher Reeve (RIP) for his role as Superman (1978). One day he receives a call from his agent to talk to George Lucas about a role in his upcoming “space opera”. Lucas offered David the option of two roles; Chewbacca or Darth Vader. He chose Vader and is quoted as saying “I took the part of the villain because everyone remembers the villain”. Oh how right he was!

In the original trilogy, Darth Vader is portrayed by three people; James Earl Jones the voice, Sebastian Shaw as the face (in ROTJ) and David as the body.  While he did not provide the voice for Darth Vader, he embraced the role and its impact on the fans. He was always loyal to Star Wars fans making frequent appearances in fan-films and conventions (until he was banned, boo on you George Lucas). He is actually an accomplished writer and often publishes books on health and fitness but he also wrote an autobiography entitled “Straight from the Force’s Mouth“.

David clearly has a penchant for playing the baddies. In addition to Darth Vader he has also portrayed Frankenstein’s monster on, at least, three separate films. He’s also been in A Clockwork Orange and several television appearances, including Doctor Who in 1972.

Tragic Irony

Despite the fact that he was in such excellent shape and spent his life promoting health and fitness, David Prowse had several health problems. He suffered from chronic arthritis that ultimately lead to his retirement from film and public appearances. In 2009 he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer, from which he fully recovered. It was thought that he was beginning to suffer dementia (although he attributed the memory loss to old age). His recent passing was simply the result of a short illness (and not covid related, from what I’ve been able to find).

Although we never saw his face as Vader, we appreciate David’s contribution in bringing to life one of cinema’s most iconic and fearsome villians. From the first moment he stepped through that blast door on the Tantive IV, Vader’s looming presence will never be forgotten. Thank you David Prowse and May the Force Be With You.

You don’t know the power of the dark side.

Nov 272020

The Mandalorian: Chapter 13Title: The Jedi
Director: Dave Filoni

Chills! I got chills in the first 5 minutes of the episode. This is the one folks. The one we have all been waiting for. We all knew it was coming so I don’t mind implying it before the spoiler warning. While I thought Filoni would pull one of those TV tropes of teasing a major character but delaying the revelation until the finale, it didn’t happen. Hence the spectacular opening scene.

Besides, there is quite a bit more this episode teases which implies a much bigger finale. Before we go any further …

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Nov 262020

I’ll admit, back in March, I never would have believed our Thanksgiving would be affected by this pandemic. I know it sucks but the responsible thing to do, to keep family and others safe, is to take proper precautions. The responsible thing to do is put aside your fear and bullheadedness and set an example for the kids. It is more important than ever to be thankful this year. We should be thankful that we still have our health; not everyone still has that anymore. Some folks are missing loved ones this year because of the poor choices and selfish actions of irresponsible “adults”.

This year we are especially thankful for all of those doctors and nurses on the frontlines, helping those that are not in good health. This year we are especially thankful to those grocery store clerks that are working tirelessly to keep the shelves stocked with food. Our health and safety is dependent on the health and safety of those people. Please be safe this year and Celebrate Small! 

A big positive for the smaller, no-travel celebration is that I can go for my normal 5-mile run before I stuff my face with stuffing.

Happy (and safe) Thanksgiving everyone!


I could accomplish so much more if I only had minions!


Nov 202020

The Mandalorian: Chapter 12Title: The Siege
Director: Carl Weathers

This is the episode when Carl Weathers (aka Greef Karga) got to make his directorial debut for The Mandalorian. Directing is not new to Carl Weathers, in the past he has directed episodes for other series including Hawaii Five-0 and Silk Stalkings. You will probably also glean from this that the episode will feature Greef Karga.

When we last saw Mando he was leaving Trask in a barely assembled Razor Crest. He is bound for a planet called Corvus but his ship needs a bit more maintenance. Spoilers ahead!

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Nov 192020

The Battle for Azeroth is OverLast week the pre-patch event for Shadowlands began. As we embark on our journey into the afterlife, let’s reflect on Blizzards 7th expansion. Battle for Azeroth had a tough act to follow. Legion, in my opinion, is the second best expansion since Wrath of the Lich King. Unfortunately BfA didn’t quite live up to the same level as Legion and Wrath. Personally, I would rank this expansion around the middle of the pack. Now that the Battle for Azeroth is over, what ruminations do I have from the past 2 years?

Honestly, the first half of the expansion was pretty good. I enjoyed meeting Jaina’s family and restoring her people’s faith in her and meeting Taelia Fordragon and learning her story. I hope Blizzard will pursue a possible love interest between her and Anduin. It has been a long time since there has been a Queen in Stormwind. The real story is told by the raids and I’m pretty split on that.

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Nov 132020

The Mandalorian: Chapter 11Title: The Heiress
Director: Bryce Dallas Howard

The poor, dilapidated Razor Crest limps its way to Trask to fulfill the deal for the Frog Lady. I kind of feel bad for the Razor Crest. She’s clearly a sturdy ship but struggles to remain in one piece. Din Djarin continues his search after arriving on Trask, which takes him on the high seas where he unexpectedly encounters some allies.

This is the episode where I hope you’ve seen The Clone Wars and Rebels. If you haven’t, it’s not a big deal, you just might be a little lost and you will miss some of the references which makes it a little less exciting. There are several guest stars in this episode but before I get into that I need to stop for the spoiler warning. Don’t continue if you haven’t seen it yet!

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